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Telugu Wedding Rituals

There are many marriage rituals which are hardly known by everyone but interesting to read. Each region of the country has followed its unique rituals whatever that are related to Marriage, festival and other.

In south India, TeluguMatrimony is well known for rich culture and old age traditions which are still untouched by modern grace. Most of the young couple prefers theme based wedding, but the traditional valve is still more important

Mangal Snanam

It is a sacred bath give to the bride and groom respectively on the wedding day. Onwards wedding rituals are started. The significance behind the bath is that it purifies the bride and groom and refresh them for a long wedding day.


Oil is applied to the bride and groom and the relatives are gathered to perform the aarti to God for happy married life.

Ganesh pooja

When the groom reached the wedding venue and just before starting the wedding ceremony, Ganesh Pooja is performed by the groom

Gauri Pooja

Along with the Ganesh Pooja, Gauri Pooja is performed by the Bride at the same place but separately.


It is a common ritual which is performed all over India. This ritual bride’s father ultimately hands over their daughter to Groom and give blessing and the groom accept the bride as a wife and promise to live happily for long life.


In this ritual, the Groom holds the bride hands along with the coconut and the priest start chanting the mantras.

Jeelakarra Bellam

A paste of jaggery and cumin seed placed at the betel leaves are given to the bride and groom and priest is chanting the mantras, then both are placed the paste on each other’s head.


Sumangali stands for happily married women. In this ritual, ten married women along with the bride until the bride is converted from the girl to married women

Mangal Sutra

It is a holy thread which is a symbol of married women. The Groom tie three knots around the bride neck of this holy thread. Three knots represent to the bride, groom and God strong bond.

Traditional Telugu wedding has various wedding rituals which each have its own significance in the wedding.

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